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Offering both rejuvenation and a reprieve from bustling 500 E Ocean Ave, 500 Ocean Café is here to welcome you to our stylish and chic, Haitian American & European-inspired café under the iconic Pavilion City of Boynton Beach.

Odyssey Mushroom Elixir Energy Drink

Odyssey drink are potent, organic, sustainable, and most of all… delicious. 

Premium Coffee

With our trading customers and partners, local members, coffee, and our customers at the center, we live these values: Creating a culture of friendliness and belonging, where everyone is welcome. Acting with courage, challenging the status quo, and finding new ways to grow our company and each other. Being present, connecting with transparency, dignity, and respect. Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results. We are performance-driven, through the lens of humanity.

To inspire and nurture each individual who wants to be loved – one perfect cup of coffee that can keep the spirit going all day, and we do it, one person, at a time.​

Collect points every time you visit

As a member you’ll collect points on almost everything you buy and those Points add up to (some really delicious) Rewards—in as few as 2-5 visits. 

Collect 2 points per $1.

Every time you make a purchase at our cafe, you’ll collect 2 Points for every buck you spent. You can even get Points ordering from 500 Ocean Café website and app.  Get ahead with Bonus Points! 

You’ll find our American, European, Haitian Creole, Colombian, Kenyan, Jamaican, and Australian culture perfectly blended at 500 Ocean Café, where we draw inspiration from both to influence our food and beverage menus. Our signature coffee blend was devised from the essence of Haiti, Kenya, Jamaica, Colombia, Italy, and Australia and some of our brunch favorites include smashed avocado and Caprese toasties.

We believe that small changes add up to a big impact and we are committed to helping our customers make nutritional choices that are right for them. We aim to provide transparency to ingredients, calories, and other nutritional information along with a diverse menu of high-quality products to meet breakfast, lunch, and snacking needs. We are constantly evolving our products to offer a broad and ever-expanding menu-including ‘light’ beverages, quality ingredients, moderate portion sizes, and sensible calorie amounts. Here are a few resources to help navigate our menu and customization options

Presenting our new drink: Boba Teas!

Our Boba pearls are unique. They burst with flavor in your mouth! That’s right, the pearls pops in your mouth, and the flavor is bursting in your mouth.

So many different combinations. Try all 4 flavors; Strawberry, Dragon fruit, Mango, and Tapioca original flavors. First, choose the Boba pearl flavor, second, your tea flavor, and third, choose your sweet flavors.

Loved by Many

Have you ever wished that coffee could taste as good as the aroma? Mostly I am disappointed. But your coffee tastes as good as it smells. It's the best coffee I have ever had... period!
Bryan Lambert
Well, I must say, I was a bit pessimistic that coffee could really be all that different. Let me tell you, I am SOLD!! I am an extra creamer kind of gal and your coffee demands no cream. (it jumped out of the cup and stopped the cream mid stream). It is wonderful, absolutely wonderful!!! I never realized I was drinking bad coffee before! WOW, WOW, WOW, AMAZING. I can't wait to have friends over and demand they try your coffee, actually, I think I'll fill thermoses and take it to them. Thank you so very much.
Kristin Foster
They just opened and I'm so glad I stopped by, great ambiance and tasty food, oh and coffee, I think they have the best coffee around, rich and delicious. Oh and did I mentioned about huge TVs they have on the wall? They show stocks on them, so all the crypto and stocks investors, you're welcome )) I found my perfect spot for chill, coffee, and meetings.
Andrew Black
I have been a bit slack in the coffee ordering as of late...the other day my 17 year old got all over me saying, "stop buying average coffee just because you have coupons and get back to ordering the best coffee around from 500"...enough said 🙂
Betty Ruizz

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